Harvard Crimson
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NET: 0
KenPom: 156
BPI: 96
Sagarin: 118
KPI: 90
Opp Avg NET: N/A
Avg NET Win: N/A
Avg NET Loss: N/A
SOS: 261
OOC SOS: 211
Record: 0-0
Home: 0-0
Away: 0-0
Neutral: 0-0
SOR: 82

Quadrant 1 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home1-30 Neutral1-50 Away1-75
Quadrant 2 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home31-75 Neutral51-100 Away76-135
Quadrant 3 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home76-160 Neutral101-200 Away136-240
Quadrant 4 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home161-353 Neutral201-353 Away241-353
Non-D1 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
We know you like watching your team win by 50 points. It's fun but NET doesn't care about these games.