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NET vs KenPom Scatter Plot Bubble

This graph utilizes the current NET and KenPom rankings along with previous years data to help determine which side of the bubble a team is on. In 2021, the NCAA basically followed the NET in determining a cutoff. Every team ranked 41 or higher was invited to the tournament. In 2022, that number shrunk to 38 and it shrunk even further to 37 in 2023. The NET Formula was modified after the 2019 season and it's no longer included in the graph. This graph shows the cutoff for NET with the vertical line. Being left of these lines is likely the best indicator of if your team is on the right side of the bubble. The horizontal lines show the KenPom cut off for the past 3 years worth of data. The shaded areas show the range that other at-large teams came from but it's definitely dangerous territory.

Because this is meant to look at the bubble, any team in the top 20 of the NET is excluded as they are considered safe. Any team that isn't ranked in the top 80 of either NET OR KenPom is also excluded.

2023 Cutoff2022 Cutoff2021 Cutoff
Credit: The original concept for this visualization was provided by Josh Young