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Saint Francis (BKN) Terriers
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Team Sheet View Compare Nitty Gritty
NET: 0
High NET: N/A 0 days
Low NET: N/A
KenPom: 355
BPI: 344
KPI: 336
T-Rank: 353
Opp Avg NET: N/A
Avg NET Win: N/A
Avg NET Loss: N/A
NET SOS: 360
RPI SOS: 363
Record: 0-0
Home: 0-0
Away: 0-0
Neutral: 0-0
SOR: 305

Stats for games through March 12, 2023

Scoring Offense: 64.90


Scoring Defense: 67.80


Scoring Margin: -2.90


Win %: 46.70%


Fouls: 10.00


Offensive: 11.40


Defensive: 22.47


Average: 33.87


Margin: -1.20


Forced: 13.63


Margin: -0.20


Field Goals
%: 40.40%


Effective %: 46.4%


% Defense: 44.70%


Free Throws
Made: 12.20


Attempts: 17.50


%: 69.80%


3 Point FG
Made: 6.80


Attempts: 19.20


%: 35.40%


% Defense: 39.00%


Most stats are an average per game. They are displayed as the value with the NCAA Ranking for that statistic in parenthesis. Teams that are currently reclassifying from a lower division are not included in the ranking and will not have a ranking listed.

Quadrant 1 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home1-30 Neutral1-50 Away1-75
Quadrant 2 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home31-75 Neutral51-100 Away76-135
Quadrant 3 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home76-160 Neutral101-200 Away136-240
Quadrant 4 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
Home161+ Neutral201+ Away241+
Non-D1 0-0 Games Remaining: 0
We know you like watching your team win by 50 points. It's fun but NET doesn't care about these games.
Scoring Margin Graph

Numbers next to the score are Vegas point spreads. A number in a green box with a minus symbol indicates a favored team. A number in a red box with a plus symbol indicates an underdog.