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Summit League
Headquarters: Elmhurst, IL Founded: 1982 Share: Show Links/Banners

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Conference Ranking: 21   Average NET: 221.10   Projected Tournament Teams: 1

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

7373Oral Roberts Golden Eagles2-30-30-00-02-04-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

148121 St. Thomas Tommies5-40-20-02-23-02-0
184179 South Dakota State Jackrabbits3-71-40-01-21-10-0
205204 Denver Pioneers7-20-00-00-17-11-0
238240 Kansas City Roos3-70-31-21-11-11-1
248247 Western Illinois Leathernecks3-40-00-10-23-12-0
256262 Omaha Mavericks3-70-60-00-13-00-0
281281North Dakota Fighting Hawks4-60-20-01-33-11-0
285285South Dakota Coyotes3-50-30-01-12-12-0
293289 North Dakota State Bison1-80-30-11-00-41-0

Conference NET History