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Headquarters: Frisco, TX Founded: 1963 Share: Show Links/Banners
Website: southland.org  

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Conference Ranking: 30   Average NET: 270.80   Projected Tournament Teams: 1

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

107111 Northwestern State Demons6-21-11-01-03-11-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

158158Texas A&M-CC Islanders3-40-10-00-13-22-0
221221Texas A&M-Commerce Lions3-60-00-02-31-31-0
225222 Southeastern Louisiana Lions2-50-10-11-21-13-0
280280Nicholls State Colonels1-50-20-10-11-12-0
316318 Incarnate Word Cardinals2-50-10-01-11-33-0
342342New Orleans Privateers1-50-10-10-11-21-0
343343Lamar Cardinals1-50-00-10-01-43-0
354354McNeese State Cowboys1-60-20-00-11-31-0
362362Houston Christian Huskies0-70-20-00-00-53-0

Conference NET History