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Headquarters: Birmingham, AL Founded: 1920 Share: Show Links/Banners
Website: swac.org  

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Conference Ranking: 31   Average NET: 276.67   Projected Tournament Teams: 1

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

146152 Grambling State Tigers4-30-11-10-03-11-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

204207 Alcorn State Braves3-60-31-11-21-00-0
207205 Southern Jaguars2-50-30-10-02-11-0
216218 Prairie View A&M Panthers2-40-11-00-01-32-0
253255 Texas Southern Tigers1-71-40-30-00-00-0
283283Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions0-70-40-10-20-03-0
302304 Bethune-Cookman Wildcats2-40-20-00-12-12-0
322323 Jackson State Tigers1-70-10-20-01-40-0
335336 Alabama State Hornets1-80-10-30-31-10-0
346346Alabama A&M Bulldogs0-50-00-00-20-32-0
350350Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils1-90-40-10-21-20-0
356355 Florida A&M Rattlers0-60-10-20-30-01-0

Conference NET History