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Conference Ranking: 3   Average NET: 64.14   Projected Tournament Teams: 7

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

77Tennessee Volunteers ^27-811-85-05-06-00-0
95 Kentucky Wildcats26-88-76-04-18-00-0
1311 Auburn Tigers28-67-68-09-04-00-0
2018 LSU Tigers22-125-104-18-15-00-0
2120 Arkansas Razorbacks28-98-78-15-17-00-0
3230 Alabama Crimson Tide19-149-94-35-21-00-0
3643 Texas A&M Aggies26-135-116-06-29-01-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

6057 Mississippi State Bulldogs18-161-124-28-25-00-0
6159 Florida Gators20-143-104-36-07-10-0
6266 Vanderbilt Commodores19-173-114-47-25-00-0
9393South Carolina Gamecocks17-133-84-35-25-01-0
110109 Ole Miss Rebels13-191-105-32-55-10-0
151149 Missouri Tigers11-211-133-53-24-11-0
223223Georgia Bulldogs6-260-102-80-64-20-0

Conference NET History