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Big Ten
Headquarters: Rosemont, IL Founded: 1896 Share: Show Links/Banners

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Conference Ranking: 2   Average NET: 56.86   Projected Tournament Teams: 7

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

33Purdue Boilermakers9-03-01-01-04-00-0
88Indiana Hoosiers8-11-12-00-05-00-0
1010Illinois Fighting Illini7-22-20-00-05-00-0
1515Maryland Terrapins8-11-12-01-04-00-0
2433 Iowa Hawkeyes7-20-13-11-03-00-0
2525Rutgers Scarlet Knights6-31-21-00-14-00-0
2628 Ohio State Buckeyes7-21-11-11-04-00-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

6161Wisconsin Badgers7-22-10-03-12-00-0
6866 Nebraska Cornhuskers6-41-40-00-05-00-0
7069 Northwestern Wildcats6-21-10-02-13-00-0
7272Michigan State Spartans6-41-22-22-01-00-0
7776 Penn State Nittany Lions6-30-11-22-03-00-0
90102 Michigan Wolverines6-30-31-00-05-00-0
247226 Minnesota Golden Gophers4-50-30-00-14-10-0

Conference NET History