Big Ten
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Conference Ranking: 1   Average NET: 46.43   Projected Tournament Teams: 9

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

34 Michigan Wolverines23-58-24-26-02-00-0
43 Illinois Fighting Illini ^24-712-45-24-02-00-0
76 Iowa Hawkeyes22-97-65-24-05-00-0
138 Ohio State Buckeyes21-109-65-34-03-00-0
2327 Wisconsin Badgers18-134-106-24-03-00-0
2922 Purdue Boilermakers18-105-77-14-12-00-0
3835 Maryland Terrapins16-144-102-36-03-01-0
4038 Rutgers Scarlet Knights16-124-85-33-03-00-0
4442 Penn State Nittany Lions11-143-114-24-10-00-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

6763 Indiana Hoosiers12-152-116-22-22-00-0
7670 Michigan State Spartans15-135-104-22-04-00-0
8177 Minnesota Golden Gophers14-154-112-34-14-00-0
9692 Northwestern Wildcats8-152-112-32-12-01-0
129126 Nebraska Cornhuskers6-201-121-62-22-01-0

Conference NET History