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Atlantic Coast
Headquarters: Greensboro, NC Founded: 1953 Share: Show Links/Banners

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Conference Ranking: 7   Average NET: 117.53   Projected Tournament Teams: 4

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

67 Virginia Cavaliers8-02-02-00-04-00-0
1212Duke Blue Devils9-23-21-00-05-00-0
3636Virginia Tech Hokies9-10-12-01-06-00-0
4541 North Carolina Tar Heels5-40-42-02-01-00-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

5452 Miami (FL) Hurricanes9-11-11-02-05-00-0
5654 NC State Wolfpack8-20-11-01-16-00-0
8281 Wake Forest Demon Deacons7-21-00-21-05-00-0
8386 Pittsburgh Panthers6-42-10-20-14-00-0
8789 Clemson Tigers8-20-10-03-05-10-0
135136 Notre Dame Fighting Irish7-20-01-03-13-10-0
137142 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets5-30-30-00-05-01-0
161159 Syracuse Orange5-40-11-11-23-00-0
218219 Boston College Eagles5-50-20-02-13-20-0
291291Florida State Seminoles1-90-20-20-31-20-0
360360Louisville Cardinals0-80-20-20-10-30-0

Conference NET History