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Headquarters: Providence, RI Founded: 1979 Share: Show Links/Banners

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Conference Ranking: 10   Average NET: 156.00   Projected Tournament Teams: 2

Projected Tournament Teams (Automatic Bid ^)

11Houston Cougars9-01-03-00-05-00-0
4846 Memphis Tigers7-20-03-12-12-00-0

Projected Non-Tournament Teams

9291 UCF Knights6-20-01-12-03-10-0
106106Wichita State Shockers4-40-10-13-11-10-0
154155 Cincinnati Bearcats5-30-20-01-04-11-0
159157 Temple Owls6-41-00-13-22-10-0
186183 Tulane Green Wave5-30-10-00-25-00-0
200202 East Carolina Pirates6-40-00-21-15-10-0
235236 South Florida Bulls3-60-20-00-13-30-0
241243 Tulsa Golden Hurricane2-60-10-20-22-10-0
294295 Southern Methodist Mustangs3-60-20-10-23-10-0

Conference NET History